We leverage a blend of unique methodologies to help clients address their challenges and create differentiation strategies precisely where and when needed, for the greatest impact.


Scenario Planning

Today’s – and tomorrow’s – competitive challenges can result in multiple outcomes, and your competitive strategies must take them all into account. Our Scenario Planning method is a road-tested solution that prepares you for numerous situations.

War Gaming

A business war game will both effectively test strategic plans against likely competitor behavior and develop contingency plans that address future uncertainty. Rehearsing and codifying business strategies preemptively means strategies are realistic, robust, and quicker to execute.

Market Analysis 

If you’re thinking about emerging into a new geography, vertical, or launching a new product, you may want to understand how much opportunity there is and what the implications of expansion are to your business and long-term goals. Many companies struggle with understanding technological advancements and how to put them to practical use either as a partner or as an in-house effort. We can provide a holistic view of what is going on in the market and help create a strategy for adoption, implementation, or integration. Who else does what you do? How are they doing it better or worse either generally or for a specific product or offer?

Customer Analytics

Today’s competitive environment requires a customer-centric focus. Let us analyze your customer base and identify opportunities to maximize existing segments, capture new segments, or understand market share.

Early Warning Detection & Monitoring

Surprise acts as a risk multiplier. Stay on top of trends, competition, and market disruption with the same attention you give to internal reporting with Early Warning Detection & Monitoring.

CI Process Consulting

Want to build a CI function internally? Learn from the pros. We can help you audit, benchmark, and build your practice by leveraging our 40+ years of experience and world-class consultants.

Win/Loss Analysis

Did we lose the sale, or did the competition beat us? We help clients establish and manage a regular win-loss analysis program to strengthen sales strategies, improve win rates, and grow market share.




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