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Utilizing a range of innovative competitive intelligence methodologies, we empower clients to tackle their challenges head-on and craft targeted differentiation strategies—delivering maximum impact precisely when and where it’s needed most.

Competitor Research

Monitoring key competitors for new tactical or strategic moves is crucial for companies to safeguard their product and service strategies. Our Competitor Research combines primary and secondary research methods tailored to the unique dynamics of a company’s key markets. This approach enables us to track competitors effectively and provide relevant, timely insights to your internal teams.

Market Analysis 

When considering expansion into a new geography, vertical, or launching a new product, it’s vital to assess the available opportunities and understand the implications for your business and long-term objectives. Many companies grapple with comprehending technological advancements and determining how to utilize them effectively, either through partnerships or in-house efforts. We offer a comprehensive market overview, helping you develop strategies for adoption, implementation, or integration. By identifying competitors in your space and analyzing their strengths and weaknesses—either overall or for specific products or services—we empower you to make informed decisions and maintain a competitive edge.

Customer Analytics

In today’s competitive landscape, a customer-centric approach is critical. We analyze your customer base, identifying opportunities in both existing and new market segments, and help you understand your current market share. We also assist in interpreting these findings and can create customized visualization tools for easy access and comprehension by you and your team.

Early Warning System

In constantly evolving markets, having processes in place to alert you and your team of critical developments in both the external environment and the competitive landscape is essential. With extensive experience in designing, setting up, and managing such systems for clients, our tailored solutions ensure you stay abreast of trends, competition, and market disruptions, delivering timely and valuable alerts and insights.

Win/Loss Analysis

Gathering accurate intelligence on why you won or lost individual sales can be challenging. Field team reports may be distorted or biased, and customers might be hesitant to disclose their purchasing decisions directly to you. By employing Fuld as an independent and unbiased third party, you gain valuable insights into your own and competitors’ sales processes, as well as the genuine reasons behind winning or losing contracts—invaluable in today’s highly competitive environment.

Competitive Intelligence Process Consulting

We can help you build the ideal Competitive Intelligence function internally. Competitive research is a blend of primary interviews and secondary research using the Internet and industry databases. But this will only help track specific types of intelligence to a certain degree, so human researchers are always also needed to interpret research findings. We can help you build the right balance of automated and human research resources for your company or brand, and the right mix of different Competitive Intelligence processes that would give you the maximum returns.

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