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Assembling cross-functional teams of experts from within your organization to participate in a facilitated workshop can be highly valuable for analyzing critical competitive or strategic situations. This collaborative approach fosters diverse perspectives, enhances problem-solving capabilities, and generates innovative solutions to tackle your company’s most pressing challenges.

Depending on your timeframe and goals, there are four types of workshops to consider: Battle Card Workshop, War Gaming, Strategy Workshop, and Scenario Planning

Battle Card Workshop

You know your business, but you need a strategy for HOW to win

Outlook: next 12 months

Many providers or AI solutions rely solely on templates and third-party data for creating Battle Cards, often missing the nuances and in-depth understanding that can only come from the core of your business. Our workshops are an advanced approach to Battle Cards. We blend external research with laser-focused intelligence on your key competitors, and most critically, invaluable insights from your internal experts—sales reps, support teams, and product developers—who are on the frontlines every day. Arm your sales team with the insightful, actionable strategies they need for a competitive edge.

War Gaming

You know your key competitors, but you need a strategy for HOW to play

Outlook: 1-2 years

As job functions grow increasingly specialized, there is tremendous value in conducting formal workshops that unite team members from across your organization to collaboratively analyze crucial competitive landscapes. Business War Games serve as an effective means to test strategic plans against probable competitor behavior and formulate contingency plans that tackle future uncertainties. The outcome is a prioritized list of actions designed to defend against key risks and capitalize on emerging opportunities. At Fuld, we have designed and facilitated War Gaming Workshops for virtually every industry sector, including energy, healthcare and life sciences, and consumer products and retail.

Strategy Workshop

You know your market, but you need a strategy for WHERE to play

Outlook: 2-5 years

Strategy workshops focus on developing and refining a company’s strategic plan. Participants will work together to identify the company’s vision, mission, and goals, and the ultimate objective of the workshop is to generate a clearer understanding of the company’s strengths and weaknesses, identify market opportunities, align resources with strategic goals, improve decision-making, and improve communication and collaboration. During the Strategy Workshop, models such as SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) and PEST (Politics, Economics, Social, Technology) are leveraged to fully consider the potential impact of company’s internal and external environment on their position and plans.

Scenario Planning

You know your key drivers, but you need a strategy for WHAT the game will be

Outlook: 5-15 years

In today’s rapidly changing markets, competitive challenges can lead to multiple potential outcomes, and your strategy must take them all into account. Scenario Planning is especially useful in analyzing the possible directions of key markets, anticipating various future scenarios, and preparing your organization to adapt accordingly. Our proven Scenario Planning methodology equips your organization to effectively navigate an array of possible situations, ensuring you’re prepared for both present and future challenges. The focus is on the end-game, routes to get there, and how to navigate potential Black Swan events.

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