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Client Testimonials

I’ve never thought about my competitors at such a level of detail as I did during the war game…it was a grand slam.

Enterprise Strategy Director, Diversified Financial Services Company

I knew that with CI being so new here, I’d need to go with Fuld & Company. You guys are like the IBM of competitive intelligence: nobody’s ever going to get fired for hiring you.

Vice President of Marketing, Top 10 U.S. bank

We’ve had a chance to look over the report – very nice work. I think we got to a very good place. Our understanding of both the UK landscape in general and [our competitor’s] activities in particular have been much enhanced, and this report provides a depth which would be impossible to obtain merely by scanning the journalism on the subject. Clearly, the BBC et al. are presenting a very limited view of the UK situation.

Director of Corporate Strategy and Business Intelligence, Consumer Lending Firm

Fuld & Company offers the expertise and hands-on knowledge to help any company develop proficiency in competitive or business intelligence. Fuld has the insights and ability to mentor almost any intelligence program – from a fledgling intelligence function to a mature service. Their intelligence services, ranging from research and analysis support, to running strategic gaming sessions for management, to helping clients understand the role technology can play in intelligence, makes them the best-in-class consultancy – bar none.

CEO, Business Information Software Company

Fuld & Company is a good all-around intelligence group. They’re professional and they’re intelligence academics. They teach the industry how to do intelligence. They’ve got a nice team they’ve assigned to me. They’re knowledgeable, they do a good job, and I’m comfortable with them over the years.

Director of Competitive Intelligence, Multinational Pharmaceutical Company

This launch could not have been successful without your competitive intelligence assistance. Thank you so much for your highly valued insight which helped us to develop more resonant messaging and competitive differentiation. It’s been a year since we commissioned your organization to help us with the development of this product and our ITA strategy. . . chalk this up as a success!

Head of Competitive Intelligence, Corporate Travel Firm

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