Business & Industry Research


Customized, actionable research helps clients make more informed and effective decisions.

From conducting detailed market research and strategies in business plans, and due diligence procedures to meeting urgent data requirements, our business & industry research consulting services support all business processes, client sectors, and geographical areas. To ensure our customers optimize their competitive position, we offer highly customized and actionable research insights along with business market research to address their specific business problems and organizational objectives.

Our business & industry research services include:

Market Intelligence and Strategic Planning Research

Custom Rapid Research

Procurement Research

Thematic Research

Social Media Research

Custom Research Services


Our Approach

We follow an integrated approach, combining desk research, primary research/expert interactions, and technology platforms to come up with optimum market research for business solutions for clients’ business problems


Desk Research

Our desk research experts in data analytics and other client-relevant information from subscription databases, industry associations, company and analyst reports, industry journals, press releases, social media data, and other reliable secondary sources.


Primary Research and Expert Interviews

Our market research business team conducts both quantitative and qualitative primary research utilizing our vast in-house network of business professionals and research methods to derive unique, strategic insights of interest to each client.


Technology Platform

We use data and visualization tools, worldwide business research methods and automated workflow and knowledge management platforms to deliver rapid, comprehensive research and analytical solutions.


Robust Quality Controls

We operate multiple quality control procedures to ensure production of professionally designed, formatted and edited research deliverables, consistent with each client’s own templates.


Fuld & Company is amongst the best industry research firms and has offices in the United States, Europe and Asia Pacific. We partner with corporations across the industry spectrum and have executed more than 10,000 strategic engagements. Our best industry research databases & research teams has helped our clients grow, enter new geographies, expand into new verticals, assess new partnerships and launch new products.

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