Market + Competitive Intelligence


By illuminating points of competitive differentiation, Fuld + Company helps clients objectively understand their market and take appropriate action to thwart risks and capture opportunities.

It is the proper alignment of elements internal to the company with the external environment that ultimately drives success. Understanding competitors, suppliers, distributors, technologies, regulations and a plethora of other critical issues in the external environment positions our clients to understand and adroitly manage risks and opportunities.

For clients seeking to unify internal and external factors, Fuld + Company’s Market + Competitive Intelligence services support the development of value-adding differentiation through:

  • Assessing Competitors and Other Relevant External Factors
  • Integrating External Insights into Client Goals and Plans
  • Sizing the Market
  • Identifying and Vetting M+A/Alliance/Partner Opportunities
  • Evaluating Emerging Technology
  • Market Segmentation
  • Benchmarking Performance and Best Practices
  • Assessing the Value Chain
  • Competitive Intelligence Process Implementation + Consulting

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