Competitive Intelligence


Competitive Intelligence is critical in today’s evolving landscape.

Fuld & Company’s competitive intelligence services give our clients a thorough understanding of their competitors’ strategies and tactics, while also advising on the best ways to defend against competitive risks and seize emerging opportunities.

Drawing from our extensive expertise gained over decades of analyzing competitive activities and market dynamics, Fuld & Company offers invaluable insights that empower businesses to navigate the increasingly complex, volatile, and disruptive markets of today’s global economy. By providing access to up-to-date, high-quality intelligence on your key competitors and markets, we help companies safeguard their market share and stay ahead of ever-changing customer demands.

When you partner with Fuld & Company, you minimize the risk of competitors exploiting your market position. This collaboration affords your management team the time and resources needed to devise effective defenses and implement winning strategies that drive growth and maintain a competitive advantage.

As a full-service competitive strategy firm, Fuld & Company delivers a comprehensive suite of tailored services to address your organization’s unique needs and challenges. Our offerings include:

Strategic Competitor Analysis

Competitor Market Monitoring and Reporting

Competitive Best Practices Research

Win/Loss Research

M&A/Alliance/Partner Opportunity Assessment

Value Chain Analysis

Design and Facilitation of Client Workshops

Market Sizing and Segmentation Analysis

Competitive Intelligence Functional Consulting

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Fuld & Company has a global presence with offices in the United States, Europe, and Asia Pacific. We collaborate with corporations across various industries and have completed over 10,000 strategic engagements. Our leading competitive intelligence services and tools have enabled our clients to grow, enter new markets and geographies, assess new partnerships, expand into new verticals, and launch new products.


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