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Fuld & Company are competitive strategy advisors who help clients anticipate competitive activity, see beyond market disruptions and develop or refine forward-looking business strategies. Through research, analytics and evidence-based analysis, we deliver sound expertise to solve complex and tactical challenges and deliver market insights for strategic development.

Fuld & Company’s clients include companies on the Global Fortune 1000, and from the Private Equity, Investment Banking, Asset Management, Broker/Dealer, and Corporate sectors. Fuld & Company has been a pioneer in competitive strategy consulting for over four decades and its leaders have been recognized by top-tiered publications such as Fortune, Harvard Business Review, and Fast Company.


Our History

Founded in 1978, Fuld & Company pioneered the practice of competitive intelligence to support competitive strategy—helping executives understand the intricacies of the external marketplace, and tie such evidence-based insights to strategies. By helping leaders of Global Fortune 1000 companies define their intelligence needs and gather and analyze relevant data, Fuld & Company consultants have become known as critical partners for executive decision-making. Whether the question be about products, customers, competitors, partners, regulations or other aspects of the business landscape, executives turn to Fuld & Company for strategic competitive strategy support.

For the past four decades Fuld & Company have cemented its position as the preeminent competitive strategy advisors.

With offices in the United States, Europe and Asia Pacific, we partner with corporations across the industry spectrum. We have executed more than 10,000 strategic engagements that have helped our clients grow, enter new geographies, expand into new verticals, assess new partnership and launch new products.

Working in high-touch cohesive teams, our experts tailor our methodologies to each client’s particular circumstances. We provide customized research, analysis and insights, tangible recommendations, and forthright decision support to create robust differentiation strategies precisely where and when needed, for the greatest impact.


Our Values

Our goal is your success.  In addition to executing high-quality work delivered ethically and professionally, Fuld & Company’s culture is based on our guiding principles:








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