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Demand Optimization and Supply Chain Resilience in a Disrupted World

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In 2020 and 2021, most companies flew blind into the black swan event of the Covid pandemic, unprepared, despite the data, insights and research that is now readily available to most companies.

With future disruptions a certainty, companies need to turn their attention to preparing themselves for withstanding these events by researching what might happen, understanding what the impact will be on customers and the supply chain, and assessing just how serious this is for the business.

Richard Evenson, Board Advisor and Chief Knowledge Officer has created a detailed Research Superhero’s Guide to Demand Optimization and Supply Chain Resilience in a Disrupted World that identifies the steps to build resilience against future disruptions.

Leadership teams need to develop appropriate strategies to withstand disruption, ensuring that supply chains and customer demand can be maintained. People within the company also need to know what their role is in the event of a disruption, ideally within pre-created cross-functional teams trained on disaster response and with scenarios in place to ensure the company’s ability to thrive.

The Guide goes on to recommend actionable ways in which companies should prepare, recommending a combination of scenario-planning and war-gaming to review a range of possible disruptions and appropriate responses.

Download the infographic for a summary of the key points

Download the Full Guide:

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