Financial, Equity and M&A Research


Detailed fundamental company and market analysis helps achieve better investment decisions

Our financial, equity and M&A research services enable asset managers, investment & financial services banks and other institutional clients to make an optimal partnership, acquisition, and investment decisions. Our research in financial services helps clients follow financial and m & a markets and monitor competitors’ performance, identify lucrative targets, conduct in-depth market and target due diligence procedures, and undertake valuations analysis and comparable assessments.


Our Financial, Equity and M&A services include:

Financial Services Market Analysis

Trading and Transactional Comparisons

Financial Services Benchmarking and Modelling

Target Identification

Target Evaluation and Mapping

Investment Review and Value Enhancement

Investment Exit

Equity Research Services

Comprehensive Company/Industry Coverage

Reports and White Papers

Financial Service Models

Tracking and Monitoring

M & Research

Our Financial, Equity and M&A Research Approach

Robust Data Sourcing – we use only reliable, high-quality data obtained from the most authoritative sources including subscribed databases, industry publications, company and analyst reports, sector journals, press releases, social media, and senior business professionals.

Customized Approach – our expert financial services market research team creates financial models and valuation sheets based on highly customized underlying industry and company fundamentals and drivers.

Automated Tools/Platforms – we leverage our extensive valuation and financial model templates, automated analytics tools, and workflow processes, as well as our best-in-class knowledge management platform to provide unique competitive insights and to progress projects faster.

Robust Quality Controls – we operate multiple quality control procedures to ensure production of professionally designed, formatted and edited research deliverables, consistent with each client’s own templates.

Fuld & Company is amongst the top financial market research companies and has offices in the United States, Europe and Asia Pacific. We partner with corporations across the industry spectrum and have executed more than 10,000 strategic engagements that have helped our clients grow, enter new geographies, expand into new verticals, assess new partnerships and launch new products.

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