War Gaming


Stress-test your competitive options.

Before an event, professional athletes train intensively in anticipation of challenges they may face. During competition, they excel because they have rehearsed a strategy for every conceivable situation. Executives are like athletes and strive to be prepared for every competitive situation. Even experienced executives, sometimes launch new strategies with limited consideration of the external factors which undermines success. That’s why business war gaming is a fruitful exercise.

Business war gaming will both effectively test strategic plans against likely competitor behavior and develop contingency plans that address future uncertainty. Rehearsing and codifying business strategies preemptively means strategies are realistic, robust, and quicker to execute.

Unlike unstructured brainstorming sessions, a Fuld & Company business war game is based on:

  • Sound competitive intelligence that provides in-depth and predictive insights and informs strategic decisions. Without it, companies rely on assumptions and stereotypes instead of analyzed and validated competitive knowledge.
  • Analytic methods that incorporate Scenario Analysis, Situational Competitor Assessments, and/or Porter Industry Models to ensure that companies are structured and systematic in assessing competitive forces.
  • Actionable outcomes because we structure our business war gaming with an intense focus on outcomes – measures your organization can take immediately to position against market and competitive forces.

Business war games deliver action-oriented results that include a set of tested and robust strategies while encouraging team-building and a sense of ownership for the resultant strategies.

Force the competition’s hand. Schedule a business war game to engage your executive team, build resilient strategies, and preempt future competition.

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