Customer Analytics


Understanding Your Current and Future Customers using Customer Analytics

Customers today have more choices than ever before. Technology, social media, and disruptive business models have changed the way people identify, evaluate, select, use, and recommend products. These changes make it crucial to leverage customer analytics to identify who your ideal customers are, and how to win them. Fuld + Company helps clients understand their B2B and B2C customers across a wide range of industries. We bring together relevant customer analytic skill sets in the areas of strategy, data sciences, and research to build a custom solution that addresses your business challenge. We continually update our methods to ensure we offer the best combinations of techniques for the job.

Whether through hypotheses generation workshops, online customer surveys, or industry stakeholder discussions, we provide the following solutions:

  • Buying Process Customer Analytics – Use customer data analytics to clarify the steps your customers take when deciding to buy: How do they gather information? Which alternatives do they consider? What motivates them to make that final push to purchase?
  • Brand Health Analysis – Determine if familiarity with your brand is rising or falling. Recognize the sentiment it inspires – is it beloved or berated? – and understand why. Discover if you have nurtured loyalty following a satisfying interaction or allowed indifference to creep in.
  • Social Media Analytics – Stay informed. Whether customers are blogging about your newest ad, reviewing your product on YouTube, or tweeting about poor service they’ve received, decide whether to join the conversation.
  • Channel Segmentation – Customize your approach to channel partners and branches. Align channels with product portfolios and customer needs. Grow your business. Know who your customers are and know what they want through rigorous research and analysis.
  • Customer Segmentation – identify and cluster customers based on behavioral and demographic indicators. Ensure you’re not slicing segments too broadly and maximize the value of each segment. Build long-term relationships with high-value customers by identifying their preferred channels. Rest easy knowing that potential customers haven’t been overlooked.

Customers are the reason why businesses exist and flourish. A deep understanding of how your customers think, behave, and communicate with one another informs not only your marketing and sales strategy, but forms the basis of your firm’s broader growth strategy.

Grow your business. Know who your customers are and know what they want through rigorous research and analysis.

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