30th Annual Spring Pricing Workshops & Conference

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Fuld & Company, Senior Director Jennifer Swain will be presenting at the 30th Annual Spring Pricing Workshops & Conference. 

May 7-10, 2019 | Atlanta Loews Hotel | Atlanta, GA

Pricing Professionals Society AtlantaEliminating Cognitive Bias from Pricing Strategies

Pricing is not solely about revenue and certainly not exclusively about your consumers. The measurable data on costs, expected market size, and other quantitative aspects are certainly helpful in advising price; but it is the qualitative aspects of understanding your assumptions, knowing your blind spots, and appreciating your competitors that results in your product’s differentiated status. And that status is the golden apex of price.

During this session we will discuss the support we provide to companies as they create their commercialization strategy prior to launch of a new product.


  • To understand their and others’ cognitive biases and make pricing decisions with more confidence.
  • How to establish prices that differentiate their products, through enhanced understanding of their own and their competitors’ cognitive biases.
  • To approach and set pricing through an integrated method of analyzing quantitative data, understanding their and others’ cognitive biases, and strategically capturing product and pricing differentiation.

Pricing is a decision, perhaps the most critical decision an executive makes. This session will address the myriad of factors that need to go into such an important determination – quantitative and qualitative, in the forms of data, reflection and understanding.


For More About Pricing Strategy, Download our Whitepaper: Competitive Pricing Intelligence

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