Webinar: Mastering Dealmaking Tools… to close deals faster and more efficiently

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In today’s dynamic dealmaking landscape, successfully leveraging Research & Analytics can be the key differentiator for boutique Investment Banks.

Our recent webinar with Fuld’s new strategic partner and the world’s fastest-growing dealmaking platform, Finalis, explored the strategies and tools essential for dealmakers to navigate the deal lifecycle with maximum efficiency and effectiveness.

Alok Tayal, Managing Partner at Fuld, and Felix Cibils Blaquier, Growth Director at Finalis, shared the Research & Analytics solutions to the challenges boutique IBs face that will enable them to unleash their full potential, and close more deals, faster, while delivering exceptional value to clients, including:

  • Deal origination and sourcing
  • Go-to-market preparation
  • Marketing and deal execution
  • Access to talent
  • Data overload
  • Risk mitigation
  • Due diligence

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to equip yourself with the necessary tools to thrive in the fast-paced world of dealmaking and discover how Research & Analytics firms like Fuld, and dealmaking platforms like Finalis can help boutique investment banks.


Meet our Panelists

Alok Tayal – Managing Partner, Fuld & Company



Felix Cibils Blaquier – Growth Director, Finalis



Read more about our strategic partnership with Finalis to support boutique Investment Banks.

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