Decoding the Role of AI in Private Equity Deals

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From deal sourcing and due diligence to portfolio management and exit strategies, AI presents unique opportunities and challenges that are reshaping the Private Equity industry.

In a recent webinar, Decoding the Role of AI in Private Equity Deals Fuld was joined by industry leaders Andrew Dickow from Greenwich Capital, Mark Gartner from RLH Equity Partners and John Svolos from Skybridge Capital, who drew on their extensive experience to provide valuable insights into the emerging role of AI throughout the Private Equity deal lifecycle.

In a discussion on finding the balance between AI-generated insights and human intuition, the panelists debated how AI tools can streamline processes, but advise they should be used as aids, not replacements, and the critical importance of fact-checking and review.

The discussion also touched on the regulatory landscape, with an acknowledgment that AI’s rapid advancement may outpace regulation. The potential impact on industries, such as construction and agriculture, was highlighted, along with the importance of protecting proprietary data.


Watch the replay:



Webinar highlights

Below are some of the key insights, and you can watch a replay of the webinar here

  1. Data-driven targeting: AI tools are evolving rapidly streamlining data analysis, identifying aligned targets, and enhancing decision-making precision.
  2. Streamlined document review: AI-powered platforms revolutionize document reviews by automatically categorizing and analyzing vast volumes, streamlining due diligence, and potentially improving accuracy and depth.
  3. Financial modeling transformation: AI has the potential to reshape the way the Private Equity industry approaches forecasting, valuation and investment analysis.
  4. Application-level disruption: AI’s potential to disrupt traditional business models across various sectors was a recurring theme. The panelists stressed the need for firms to reimagine their strategies in response to these transformative forces.
  5. AI in deal sourcing: AI-enabled tools are invaluable for supporting informed decision-making within deal sourcing by identifying opportunities and assessing the potential for AI-driven disruption within acquired businesses.
  6. Enhancing efficiency: Efficiency-enhancing capabilities of Generative AI tools like ChatGPT can streamline processes, improve productivity, and provide valuable insights across different deal phases.
  7. Recognizing AI’s limitations: The quality of input data significantly influences AI’s effectiveness, making it imperative to avoid the “garbage in, garbage out” scenario.
  8. Regulatory landscape: As AI adoption continues to surge, regulatory concerns are at the forefront. Compliance and governance are becoming increasingly vital considerations for PE firms.

AI is set to revolutionize Private Equity by delivering efficiency and valuable insights. Professionals must navigate this dynamic landscape with a solid grasp of AI’s potential and limitations. Moreover, considering AI’s long-term impact on portfolios and recognizing infrastructure opportunities is essential as it reshapes traditional business models across sectors, necessitating strategic reimagining. Certain roles still require the human touch, with empathy, intuition, creativity, and personal interaction beyond AI’s reach.

Meet our Panelists:

Andrew Dickow Andrew Dickow
Managing Director
Greenwich Capital Group
Mark Gartner Mark Gartner
Managing Director Investment Development
RLH Equity Partners
John Svolos John Svolos
Managing Director, Head of Research


Watch the replay of the webinar here or contact us to learn more about Fuld’s Private Equity & Investment Banking services.

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