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With developing markets on the rise and new breakthroughs in pharmaceuticals, strategy is pivotal.  We will help your company navigate new opportunities, mitigate risks, and provide a better understanding of your company’s narrative in the industry.

Pharmacists as Vaccinators: New Entrant Disruption in Healthcare

While getting a flu vaccine in your local pharmacy is commonplace, other vaccines are becoming available as well.

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Transparency into Drug Pricing: Can it help with the high drug costs

Congress's initiative to create transparency into drug pricing won’t necessarily address the issue of high drug costs.

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Increasing Drug Impact Through Patient Support Programs

It has become increasingly important for drug companies to develop and redesign patient support programs to increase product loyalty.


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Patient Compliance: The Next Challenge in Healthcare Innovation

Patient compliance has proven to involve more than just the pharmaceutical companies developing the drugs.

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Product Launch Pitfalls

Fuld + Company analyzed the most common pitfalls that have hampered dozens of product launches.


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Ascent of Amazon: From Books to…Pills?

Amazon recently reached its 20th anniversary this May. It was reported that it had intentions of delving into the multi-billion-dollar pharmacy market.


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Quality Drug Data Not a Guarantee of Future Revenue

Despite having positive cardiovascular outcomes data, Amgen's PCSK9 inhibitor, Repatha will not sway payers if the cost-benefit ratio is too high.

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The Ever Shifting Pharmaceutical Marketplace – Biosimilars and Interchangeability

Understand the differences between biosimilars and interchangeable pharmaceuticals and how to compete in this extremely crowded marketplace

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