Understanding the external environment is essential.

With so much in flux across the economic operating environment, it is more important than ever to look outside one’s own organization for industry insights, lessons, and best practices to:

  • Learn what competitors are doing and thinking
  • Understand what customers desire and demand
  • Identify potential partnership and M&A opportunities
  • Examine what best-in-class practitioners are doing
  • Develop more resilient strategies in face of challenges and disruption

Fuld & Company’s Industry Strategy Experts help clients address these challenges, bringing clarity to the environment and identifying competitive advantages and gaps.

Health & Life Sciences

The Health & Life sciences sector faces growing pressure to slow down the growth of nations’ healthcare expenditures while treating aging populations and expansion of chronic conditions such as diabetes and obesity that create additional morbid conditions.  In addition, with shifts in healthcare policy, risk management, consumer preference and the pace of innovation, organizations are operating in a highly disruptive and competitive environment prompting them to make critical and transformative decisions. Fuld & Company partners with payers, providers, pharmaceutical, diagnostics, medical device, and healthcare IT companies to address their most pressing challenges and create sustainable strategies to help them compete amid the disruption.

Financial Services

With the financial crisis mostly in the rear-view mirror, financial services firms are pivoting their attention to digital transformation as they discover new opportunities and challenges. With expertise in the payments, banking, insurance, asset management, and brokerages industries, Fuld & Company helps clients identify and address the subsequent marketplace disruptions and create winning tactics and strategies in today’s competitive financial services environment.


The energy sector is more dynamic than it has been in decades and large energy companies are feeling pressure to evaluate and adjust their technology and business portfolios. Fuld & Company helps upstream and downstream organizations to understand competitors, emerging trends, and shifts in technology all the way across the spectrum.

Consumer Products & Retail

Disruption is impacting traditional manufacturing, distribution, retail, and business development models across the value chain of consumer products. As the digital age continues apace, Fuld & Company helps large organizations navigate the disruption, address unexpected competition and re-evaluate their manufacturing, distribution and retail strategies to create new sources of growth and differentiation.

Diversified Industries

Fuld & Company serves many industries by helping them unravel their complex business challenges. Our diversified practice has a sharp focus on information technology companies but also engages clients in travel & leisure, aerospace & defense, industrial goods, human resources and education.

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