Traditional energy company business models are under pressure as the industry responds to shifting supply and demand patterns, economic and geopolitical volatility, and an influx of new digital technologies.

The energy sector is more dynamic than it has been in decades due to the unprecedented productivity of unconventional oil and gas drilling in North America, the move toward electrification of the transportation sector, the proliferation of distributed power generation resources including renewables, and the emergent applications of AI to improve operational efficiency and safety. Fuld + Company supports upstream, midstream, and downstream asset owners and operators in the oil, natural gas, and power sectors by providing robust insights on emerging trends and opportunities amid the uncertainty about future market conditions.

With a strong understanding of external market developments and a point of view on the industry’s evolution, Fuld + Company helps energy sector stakeholders:

  • Understand the competitive risks and benefits of vertical integration.
  • Create strategies for renewable and alternative energy investment.
  • Identify technology options and partners to support digitization and use advanced analytics.
  • Understand the competitive advantages of their portfolio of oil and natural gas assets.
  • Position themselves to achieve growth in emerging markets.


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More About The Team

Meet Nathaniel Emmons, Senior Director and Head of the Energy + Oil Practice

Nathaniel has more than ten years of experience as a consultant specializing in competitor strategy assessment, R&D innovation, and market entry analysis. Nathaniel’s experience as a political analyst at the US Embassy coupled with his anti-terrorism, US Foreign Policy and international business strategy exposure has proved useful as he effectively tackles client’s complex global business problems with in-depth assessment and due supervision. Nathaniel is adept at leveraging scenario planning with secondary and primary research to help clients gain actionable insights and strategic advice. He has lead client workshops focused on analyzing competitor strategies for growth enablement and new market entries and has worked in multiple services and sectors.

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