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With unexpected competition and increasing market globalization, a holistic view of the external manufacturing and retail environment is critical to sustain market share and identify growth opportunities in the CPG sector.

With the advent of IOT, our CPG consultants have noticed that manufacturing and retail firms in the consumer goods category are facing a future full of opportunities coupled with numerous challenges. Technology-led disruption in the business ecosystem and up and down the value chain is a primary driver of uncertainty and large legacy corporations are scrambling to differentiate and achieve their growth targets. With so much at stake in this heavy-duty production space, it is critical to think two steps ahead and remain equipped with best practices that help your organization be prepared for the changing competition.

Fuld + Company CPG consultants help clients keep a close watch on various factors that are at play in the industrial cogwheel and leverages in-depth insights to create strategies to:

  • Address the rise of the distributor to consumer (D2C) operating models. 
  • Capture business in emerging economic markets.
  • Maximize factory production with the right products.
  • Combat unexpected competitive new entrants.
  • Identify the right integration opportunities.
  • Blend the efficiency of data, analytics, and technology with the expertise of people.

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More About The Team

Meet Kimberlee Luce, Senior Director and Head of the CPG + Retail Practice

CPG Consultants | Kimberlee Luce, Head of CPG + Retail Practice at Fuld + Company

Kimberlee has more than 20 years of experience in business research and consulting.  At Fuld, she leads the Consumer Products & Retail practice and a team of CPG consultants. Her areas of expertise include opportunity analysis, competitor strategy, and building effective distribution models in highly fragmented markets. Her client work has taken her to places as diverse as Myanmar and Nigeria, providing market and competitive intelligence to some of the largest and most ambitious companies in the world. She has been quoted in several publications and made appearances on CNBC. Her most recent publication was in the Winter 2017 MIT Sloan Management Review as co-author of an article on conducting market intelligence in emerging markets. Prior to Fuld, Kimberlee was a Senior Vice President at Boston Analytics where she led the Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) and earlier, the Healthcare practice advising multinational clients with entry and expansion techniques for emerging markets. She has held similar positions as a Principal Consultant with the commercial healthcare division at ABT Associates and as a Strategy Consultant with the Mitchell Madison Group.

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