Healthcare executives find themselves preforming a balancing act, trying to remain competitive in existing markets and develop in new markets, each with respective opportunities and challenges. Work with FULD+Company to develop a strategy to get your company on the right path.

Patient X, Mental Health & Artificial Intelligence

The way patients obtain mental healthcare is changing with Artificial intelligence that can replace a psychologist by emulating a doctor’s prompts and responses.

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Healthcare Scenarios in a Trump World

Perhaps no sector of the U.S. economy is more ill-prepared for Trump's presidency next than the healthcare industry.

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Targeting Regional Growth Opportunities for Medical Devices Companies

Investment by both corporate and equity investors continues to grow in emerging markets in search of growth opportunities.

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Top Ten Trends in Healthcare Technology

How technological innovation is changing the landscape of healthcare.

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New Strategies for Healthcare Industry Convergence

When setting competitive strategy in rapidly converging markets, it's easy to miss the forest for the trees.


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Patient Compliance: The Next Challenge in Healthcare Innovation

Patient compliance has proven to involve more than just the pharmaceutical companies developing the drugs.

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The Potential Explosion of Healthcare Retailization

It's not Apple's iWatch, but McDonalds that could revolutionize healthcare.


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The Rise of Mobile Healthcare Payments

Tech companies are beginning to develop mobile payment solutions to meet growing patient demand, with competitive implications for healthcare providers.


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Six Reasons Why CVS Health Should Acquire Aetna … Soon

Here are the six reasons why CVS should acquire a health plan, and in particular, Aetna

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Injecting a new Healthcare Model: The Pharmacist-Physician Team

In a study run from the fall of 2016 through spring of 2016, the number of pharmacist-administered adult vaccinations increased by more than 40 percent.

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A Major U.S. Healthcare Company Seizes an Opportunity to Transform its Business

A major U.S. healthcare company boldly decided to transform its business and delivery model from top to bottom.


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