What is Competitive Intelligence?

Competitive Intelligence (CI) is the collection and analysis of information to anticipate competitive activity, see past market disruptions and dispassionately interpret events.

It is an essential component to developing a business strategy. CI analysis provides insight into marketplace dynamics and challenges in a structured, disciplined, and ethical manner using published and non-published sources.


  • Incorporates external competitive and market forces into strategic planning
  • Generates strategically relevant insights from research and structured analysis
  • Enhances marketing, strategic planning, finance, and operations
  • Conforms to antitrust and trade secret laws, legal and ethical best practices and the client's corporate code of behavior
  • Minimizes decision risk and reduces uncertainty about external developments


  • Develop corporate or business unit strategies
  • Shape counter-competitive strategies against one or more competitors
  • Prepare a new product launch, new market entry, or other strategic move in the market
  • Benchmark other organizations
  • Anticipate and plan for future market opportunities and disruptions
  • Assess effectiveness of competitors market positioning and product messaging


  • Competitive Strategy
  • Early Warning / Monitoring
  • Research and Analysis
  • CI Process Development
  • Win/Loss Analysis
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Benchmark Your CI Program
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