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2019 Pharma Companies to Watch Report

Posted February 10, 2019| Fuld + Company

This proprietary qualitative analysis identifies five top pharmaceutical companies that stand out as major disruptors.

Fuld + Company’s analysis includes a review of the five top pharma companies and their disruptive products that are transforming treatment paradigms, maximizing their markets, and have the potential to re-define the competitive landscape.

To generate the list, Fuld + Company’s Life Sciences Consulting group considered companies that have branded drugs or biologics with expected approvals and launches in Q1-19.

Top Pharma Companies to Watch 2019 | Fuld + Company

We considered which companies are in a position to gain a competitive advantage based on:

• Target market growth potential;
• Financial stability;
• Corporate leadership and the company’s track record of innovation;
• The novelty of the treatment approach and;
• The strength of the products’ distribution

As life science companies monitor developments in the marketplace, it’s critical for them to consider whether any of these “top pharmaceutical companies to watch” potentially impact their market position.

In this report we’ve included our analysis of the top pharmaceutical companies to watch for Q1 and have offered recommendations for what market participants–who are most at risk for disruption– should be doing to keep a sharp, competitive edge.

Download the Top Pharma Companies to Watch Report:

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