Win Loss Analysis


Develop Win Loss Analysis insights from your sales process and capture market share.

Did we lose the sale, or did the competition beat us? Gaining insights into the reasons for your sales wins and losses is an often-overlooked opportunity to improve a company’s sales strategy, sales force effectiveness, and competitive differentiation. In every selling situation, valuable information is exchanged between a company’s prospects and its sales force, yet few organizations have an effective means to capture and learn from this information.

Without knowledge of an organization’s key win and loss themes, sales and marketing professionals are more apt to pursue the wrong fix to a string of lost sales, such as dropping price when price wasn’t the reason for the loss, or changing marketing collateral when in fact product attribute deficiencies caused a prospect to buy from the competition instead.

Fuld & Company helps clients establish and manage a regular win-loss analysis program to strengthen sales strategies, improve win rates, and grow market share.

We gain intelligence from sales professionals, prospects, customers, and other sources to identify your firm’s consistent win and loss themes – actionable findings that point to specific improvements in how you communicate, position, price, and sell your products and services.

Fuld & Company combines qualitative techniques that include conversations with internal and external industry players because information gathered from these sources helps provide indicators of strength which encourage clients to buy from you and of weakness which cause your prospects to source from the competition.

Our win-loss programs include detailed analysis of your company’s sales practices over time that assess the basis of wins and losses, such as:

  • Price, in comparison to the competition
  • The extent and meaningfulness of your product and service differentiation
  • Brand strength and goodwill with customers
  • Customer perceptions of product and service value

Fuld & Company works closely with your sales, marketing, competitive intelligence, product management, and brand teams to develop a win-loss program that is right for your organization, from initial design to ongoing management and operation.

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