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Develop Your Competitive Intelligence Process

In an effort to remain competitive, anticipate market changes, and improve decision-making quality, more and more companies across the globe are establishing competitive intelligence (CI) functions. Often, however, these initiatives are short-lived because organizations do not nourish and support the effort. The result? CI programs that fall short of management’s expectations failing to deliver actionable insights.

Fuld & Company helps our clients succeed by providing expert counsel that accelerates the development of their CI capability and avoids pitfalls that can commonly befall a new intelligence initiative.

Our strong track record of success is proof that, with Fuld & Company’s support, it is possible to both establish a sustainable intelligence function and raise the value of an existing capability. Building a robust competitive intelligence capability requires the correct combination of people, process, and technology, organized to satisfy your organization’s unique intelligence requirements.

Since companies face different competitive challenges, there is no single model for an intelligence process. Therefore, unlike traditional ‘off the shelf’ CI program models, Fuld & Company will custom tailor process with:

  • Stakeholder Engagement: To thoroughly assess their unique intelligence requirements, identify core business challenges, and understand the implications of making the wrong decisions.
  • Competitive Intelligence Best Practices: Utilizes these to recommend the intelligence collection, analysis, and dissemination procedures most likely to resonate and take root within your organization.
  • Implementation Plan: Develops a CI program implementation plan, including organizational placement, staff recruiting, technology support, and performance evaluation.
  • Implementation Support: Including training and education, technology assistance, deliverable preparation, and organizational awareness-building – to get your new intelligence capability up and running with an eye towards the long-term success of the function.

For companies seeking to enhance the decision impact and value of an existing intelligence program, our CI Diagnostic Service paves a clear and concise road map to successful revitalization. Perfect for CI functions facing changing needs, new executive sponsors, succession planning, or growth, we work with CI managers and directors to outline a set of immediate steps to re position.

No matter your needs, we can tailor a CI process consulting program that is flexible, focused on your most important needs, and corresponds to your schedule and budget parameters.

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