Competitive Intelligence Benchmarking Questionnaire

Posted February 8, 2019| Fuld + Company

Benchmark Your Competitive Intelligence Program

Is your company abiding by competitive intelligence best practices to ensure that market threats and opportunities are swiftly identified and responded to?

Fuld + Company are experts in competitive intelligence process, as such we developed a 10-minute questionnaire to help companies of all sizes determine their firm’s strengths and opportunities when it comes to the research, analysis, strategy, agility, and execution required to operate a robust competitive and market intelligence function.

Please take the questionnaire below to see how developed your CI function is, and please be in touch if you’d like a custom benchmarking report based on how you compare to other companies like yours.

**If browser does not support survey, please click here.**

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Competitive Strategy Report

In 2016, we survey thousands of leaders across a variety of industries to develop a Competitive Intelligence Benchmarking Report. To see the results and trends, please download the report.


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