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Creating a Competitive Intelligence Battle Card to help a client win new business

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A competitor of a global technology consultancy was experiencing a number of operational challenges which were impacting the satisfactory execution of large-scale contracts in Europe, several with departments of national governments. This was leading to negative articles in the national and business press, the erosion of customer confidence and trust, and, in some cases, the loss of large-scale contracts. The competitor company had also been witnessing a decline in its revenue from European operations, and, having had to divest certain businesses, this was also impacting its scale and presence in the region.

Our client believed that this was likely to make contract renewal more challenging for the company in the future.


The company was keen to gain an in-depth understanding of the issues and the organizations involved in order to build intelligence to support their engagement with the competitors’ customers, with the goal of winning new, multi-million dollar contracts with those customers.


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Through extensive research and interviews, Fuld & Company developed a Battle Card for our client – a powerful sales enablement tool which compiles detailed competitor profiling to provide a clear picture of their capabilities. This included an analysis of the competitor’s strengths and weaknesses, a review of the operational issues it was experiencing, and analysis of the delays in project implementation and the reasons for loss of business. We then provided a Counterpoint for our client for each of these Points, highlighting how they compared to the competitor, for tactical use by their sales team.

The Battle Card also included SWOT analysis of our client and the identification of potential future opportunities arising from their competitor’s difficulties. Additional Battle Card material included details of media announcements, notable clients won, and competitor statements.


Results for the Client



Fuld & Company provided our client with a deep understanding of their competitor, their situation, and the potential opportunities that were open to our client. The Battle Card also provided the sales team with the tools and specific tactical guidance to approach active conversations with their competitors’ clients from a position of strength with the goal of winning new, high-value business.


If you would like a full sample copy of our Battle Card, or to discuss how Fuld can revolutionize your approach to Battle Cards and competitor intelligence, contact us today.


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