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Unlock Your Competitive Edge with our Business Battle Card Strategy

Imagine watching a sports game from the sidelines, shouting your opinions at the players. It’s easy to think you have all the answers when you’re not on the field. Now, imagine you’re an executive relying on Battle Cards full of generic, off-the-shelf information to guide your sales team. The result? A lack of competitive edge that could cost you the game—no, the entire season. 


At Fuld, we believe the secret to creating high-value Battle Cards lies in intimate, firsthand knowledge of the actual playing field: your marketplace, your competitors, and most importantly, your own organization. 


Why our process outshines the rest 

Many providers or AI solutions rely solely on templates and third-party data for creating Battle Cards, often missing the nuances and in-depth understanding that can only come from the core of your business. Our method is critically different: 

  • Secondary (third-party) research: ✔️ Sure, we’ve got that
  • Primary research: ✔️ We dig way deeper 
  • Company intelligence: ✔️ Your own expertise is the secret sauce  

We blend external research with laser-focused intelligence on your key competitors, and most critically, invaluable insights from your internal experts—sales reps, support teams, and product developers who are on the frontlines every single day. 


Crafting a high-value briefing book, not just cards 

We kick-start our process with meticulous research, utilizing trusted third-party sources and conducting intensive primary research on your critical competitors. But the magic starts to happen when we bring together these data streams into a set of detailed profiles on your competitors in a Briefing Book. This book serves as a foundation for an intensive half-day workshop, where your team becomes the central participant. We facilitate a session that fuses external intelligence with internal knowledge that only your team knows, shaping insights into your competitive environment that are as high value as they get. 

Battle cardsThe high-impact takeaways 

The outcome of this synergistic workshop isn’t just a set of Battle Cards; it’s a full-fledged strategy you can action immediately: 

  • High-Value Battle Cards tailor-made for your sales team 
  • Actionable Strategies that address your unique pain points and opportunities 
  • Prioritized Plans complete with timelines, empowering your team to act swiftly and decisively 


The Fuld Advantage 

The Battle Cards created through our unique, collaborative process aren’t just pieces of paper; they are dynamic blueprints for success, fortified by the collective intelligence of your organization and guided by our expertise. 

Why settle for Battle Cards that only skim the surface when you can arm your team with deeply insightful, highly actionable strategies? With Fuld, you’re not just playing the game; you’re changing it. 

For more information on how Fuld can revolutionize your approach to Battle Cards and competitor intelligence, contact us today. 


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