War Gaming


Stress-test your competitive options.

Are you tired of reacting to your competitors’ moves? Do you want to be one step ahead of the game? Then war gaming is the must-have tool for your company. Fuld & Company has decades of experience in designing and facilitating war gaming workshops for companies across virtually all industries.


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Our workshops bring together employees from key departments to identify potential risks, anticipate competitors’ moves, and develop winning tactics and strategies. Our interactive and challenging workshops use the latest technology and techniques to create a realistic simulation of your industry, allowing you to test your strategies against those of your competitors.

We aim to make sure your team ends up with a high-value, prioritized action plan that directly addresses your key competitive concerns. Companies looking to stay ahead of the competition should consider war gaming as a must-have part of their short-term strategic planning.

Our approach is based on three key components:

  • Sound competitive intelligence – We gather comprehensive and predictive competitive intelligence to inform strategic decisions. Relying on assumptions and stereotypes can be detrimental to a company’s success, whereas informed decision-making backed by analyzed and validated competitive knowledge can lead to a significant competitive advantage.
  • Analytic methods – We incorporate scenario analysis, situational competitor assessments, and/or Porter industry models to provide a structured and systematic approach to assessing competitive forces. This analytical approach enables companies to better understand their competitive environment and develop effective strategies to succeed.
  • Actionable outcomes – Our business war gaming workshops are designed with a focus on developing measures that companies can implement immediately to position themselves against market and competitive forces. We work with companies to develop actionable outcomes that are tailored to their specific needs and objectives, enabling them to gain a competitive edge in their industry.

In contrast to unstructured brainstorming sessions, Fuld’s business war gaming workshops deliver action-oriented results that include a set of tested and robust strategies, while encouraging team-building and a sense of ownership for the resultant strategies.

Force the competition’s hand. Schedule a business war game to engage your cross-functional teams, build resilient strategies, and preempt future competition.


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