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Getting ahead of the competition is the obvious thing to do. But how do you do that when competition has only become increasingly fierce and consumers more evasive? It starts with a partnership between your and our experts.

Don't Underestimate WeWork

WeWork is a great example of a company whose strategy can easily be misinterpreted and underestimated. From a competitive strategist’s point of view, it’s a wonderful story of disruption and ripple effect.

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One Category, Many Brands: A Strategic Play

How technological innovation is changing the landscape of healthcare.

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What Amazon’s Acquisition of Whole Foods Says About Competitive Strategy

There are countless ways to look at Amazon’s takeover of Whole Foods, but for competitive strategists, there’s one question to ask: how does this deal affect the competitive intensity in my industry?


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Walmart Takes Advantage of the Commute Home with New Delivery System

Walmart has been experimenting with asking its employees to deliver online orders on their way home from work.


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Competititve Chess with Cheese

Staying ahead of a competitor’s strategy, including the innovative approaches competitors may take to win in the marketplace, is integral to a company’s success


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Future Trends for Competing in the Furniture Industry

A consumer survey found that US furniture industry is facing serious disruption- from digitization, changing consumer preferences, pricing pressure.


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Strategy for When Satisfied Customers Don’t Come Back

eHarmony and other matchmaking websites need to make happy customers into brand evangelists in order to compete.

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Can Apple TV Outshine Netflix and Traditional TV Broadcasters?

Apple TV faces a competitive landscape of both traditional broadcasters and sophisticated streaming services Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Instant Video.

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A Food Company Mobilizes to Fend Off a Major Threat to its Core Business

A leading food company that dominated a specific product category it supplied to commercial markets in North American suddenly found itself losing market share to a recent European entrant.

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Uncovering the Go-To-Market Intentions of a Global CPG Giant

A leading manufacturer of an everyday personal hygiene products had been hearing rumors that one of the giants in the wider Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) space planned to enter the product category.

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