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Master market complexity to focus on where you can win

With markets becoming increasingly complex and companies facing a large number of competitors, managers have to make critical choices on what their strategies should be. The wrong strategy can have serious downside risks.

In crowded markets, pinpointing key segments to focus on rather than tackling the entire market is crucial. However, determining which segments your brand should concentrate on to develop a winning strategy can be challenging. This process demands input from various specialties within your organization to identify internal and external issues and potential solutions. A Strategy Workshop is the perfect tool to build consensus on essential considerations, identify the best segments to target, and recognize key challenges and pitfalls.

At Fuld & Company, we collaborate with clients across industries and markets, witnessing firsthand the increasing complexity and challenges they face in crafting targeted strategies. We understand the difficulties in determining the right strategy, making us the ideal partner to guide you through your strategic choices and develop an effective plan.

A Strategy Workshop is an invaluable exercise that enables your internal expert team to explore potential market options. It compels you to consider these options within a specific timeframe (usually 2 to 5 years) and against a set of agreed-upon external market conditions and competitors. This approach also accommodates dynamic market changes, such as potential acquisitions, disruptors entering from adjacent markets, or unexpected technological successes.

During the one-day workshop, we’ll guide your team of experts as they collaborate on market segmentation, assess opportunities, threats, and risks in each segment, and work together to reach a consensus on prioritizing segments and formulating recommended strategies.

Examples of where Strategic Workshops can help companies:

  • A pharmaceutical firm deciding where to target in the COVID-19 vaccine market as the virus constantly mutates to new variants.
  • An energy company deciding which new green energy to focus on when all options are undergoing rapid technology changes impacting their cost structure and overall competitiveness.
  • A cosmetics organization looking at the potential competitive impact of different clinical procedures on their key market segments.
  • A high-tech manufacturer that needs to understand the dynamics of changing competitive threats in different segments of the healthcare diagnostic market.

Conquer market complexity and outperform your competitors – work with Fuld to plan a Strategy Workshop that will unlock your winning potential.


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