Scenario Planning


One thing certain is that the future is uncertain. Scenario Planning can help.

In an increasingly competitive marketplace, business leaders must acknowledge and address the likelihood of future uncertainty.  A host of variables – including consumer trends, the economy, market conditions, global security concerns, and competitor actions – often obscure a clear road to competitive success.

Traditional planning methods, developed well before the Internet may deliver underwhelming results. Seeking relevant solutions, leaders at progressive organizations need proactive and innovative business strategies to embrace future volatility – not run from it.

At Fuld & Company we recognize that today’s – and tomorrow’s – competitive challenges can result in multiple outcomes, and that your competitive strategies must take them all into account.

Our Scenario Planning method is a road-tested solution that prepares you for numerous situations. Different from conventional approaches that plan for a single set of outcomes to competitive situations, Scenario Planning takes a broader, more realistic approach that assesses today’s marketplace, considers tomorrow’s, and prepares you for both.

With over 35 years of experience in competitive strategy, Fuld & Company is uniquely qualified to help your company realize the benefits of utilizing a scenario approach. We collaborate with you to reveal substantive insights that drive robust competitive strategies. Select success stories include advising:

  • A healthcare provider on how to transform in the face of healthcare consumerism.
  • A food packaging company on long-term R&D strategy in a world increasingly defined by manufacturer consolidation and environmental sustainability concerns.
  • A chemicals conglomerate on portfolio strategy for nutrition and sustainability needs in the year 2050.
  • supplemental insurance company wanted to understand if their current differentiation strategy and market leading status would persist 10 years from now.
  • healthcare payer wanted to understand how the political, technological and social shifts would impact their core business strategy in hopes of disseminating contingency plans throughout the broader organization.

Scenarios, while compelling, are a means to an end and not the solution itself. We therefore focus each Scenario Planning project on actionable outcomes and provide a range of strategic options in our final recommendations. We include detailed explanations why one set of options may be more effective than another. We also provide a set of Early Warning Indicators that help guide competitive intelligence collection and analysis, so you know as soon as possible which strategy to employ for maximum effect.

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