14th Annual Professional Pricing Society Conference

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Fuld & Company, President + CEO, Ken Sawka will be presenting at the 14th Annual Professional Pricing Society Conference.

Friday, November 30, 2018 | 4:20pm – 5:00pm | Amsterdam

Professional Pricing Society Conference 2018Pricing as a Source of Competitive Differentiation: Pleasing Customers, Capturing Value, and Shutting Out Competitors

While the relationship between pricing and competitive advantage is well documented, many pricing strategies fail to fully consider how price can reinforce competitive differentiation. To be sure, best practices abound for pricing to capture the value offered by a differentiated product or service, but how can pricing managers know if and when that source of differentiation has become eroded by competitive developments or shifting customer preferences? This presentation will combine concepts from pricing strategy and competitive intelligence, and use real-world case studies to illustrate how companies can more effectively use pricing strategy to establish and reinforce competitive advantage, and make it harder for competitors to erode a favorable position vis-à-vis customers.


  • How to think about competitive differentiation in real and objective ways
  • The role price plays in reinforcing value-adding differentiation in the eyes of the customer
  • How to monitor for shifts in competitor strategies and tactics and for shifting customer needs


For More About Pricing Strategy, Download our Whitepaper: Competitive Pricing Intelligence

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