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Fuld + Company’s Initial Perspectives on the Impact of Covid-19: Emerging Opportunities Across Industries

Posted April 6, 2020| Laura Ruth, PhD , Michael Ratcliffe , Lenore Scanlon , Kimberlee Luce , Diane Borska , Anne-Marie Downey

After several weeks of observing and examining the actions of businesses, government and other participants in the U.S economy, Fuld + Company’s team held a virtual roundtable discussion to reflect on their observations and share some specific insights on the various industries they serve.

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The safety and well-being of public health is the main priority in a situation like this, but it is not uncommon for organizations when faced with a crisis of global magnitude, to automatically respond by cutting costs and reducing staff to preserve the viability of their business. The real challenge for leaders in these circumstances is to think about the impact of Covid-19 beyond the current crisis and how they will thrive in the future.

For many organizations, the current crisis and its aftermath may present opportunities to work in new, non-traditional, and collaborative ways…


Covid-19 Business Opportunities

With these ideas in mind, the following observations emerged from Fuld + Company’s roundtable discussion:

  • The infrastructure of the healthcare ecosystem has the tools to respond, and we’re curious to see how this response will forge a path for new ways of bringing solutions to market.
  • Financial services companies are strongly positioned to support businesses and consumers and as such, improve their reputation and role.
  • Consumer products and retail companies are in a position to recast their brands amid crisis.
  • Across industries, there are opportunities that previously were not viable.

In this roundtable recap, Fuld + Company has included our perspective on the existing and emerging opportunities amid the disruption for organizations that operate in health + life sciences, financial services, consumer products + retail, and energy + oil among others to not only to help address the near-term impact of COVID-19 but also to stabilize markets, support employees, instill confidence in their customers and continue to provide service, albeit in new and different ways.

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