Strategic Planning


Providing your business with a road map to achieve its goals

How a Global Staffing Firm Faces the Coming Shortage of Technical Talent

A global staffing company wanted to proactively prepare itself for looming shortages in science, engineering, and IT talent.

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Understanding Sales Force Effectiveness in China

A multinational medical devices company with only a small presence in China wanted to bolster its sales force there.

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Anticipating the Outcome of Debit Interchange Regulation

A U.S. retail banking giant, like its peers, was caught off guard by looming regulatory caps on interchange (or swipe fees), a significant revenue stream for the bank.

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How a Specialist Drug Maker Ensures that its Travel Drug Program is Best In Class

a maker of specialist drugs for chronic conditions, wanted to ensure that it offered a best-in-class support program for its patients when they traveled outside their home countries.

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