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Fuld’s Technology Practice specializes in assisting high tech software, hardware and services organizations gain key insights into the operations of their business competitors or ecosystem partners.

Our professional staff bring years of hands-on experience in the technology space, as well as a deep history of consulting engagements covering all aspects of competition in the high-tech arena. We offer a wide range of high-impact services including primary research, win-loss analysis, competitor monitoring in addition to our competitive response and war-game workshops.

Clients have recently engaged us to deliver key research needs as varied as:

  1. Channel Analysis: To capture key insights into overall contribution, program structure and key program components of a competitor’s partner program
  2. Due Diligence: To determine the key issues associated with entering a partnership with the target company
  3. Sales Playbooks: To prepare sales and marketing teams with playbooks to counter a competitor’s new offering
  4. Win-Loss Analysis: To conduct a global win-loss analysis to determine changes to the client’s go-to-market approach for 2011
  5. Partner Analysis: To compare the competitors’ business models for selling enterprise software technology platforms to the enterprise
  6. Pricing Analysis: To conduct a detailed analysis of the actual pricing structure, discounts and post implementation costs paid by customers for a competitors solution
  7. Organizational Assessment: To conduct a detailed assessment of competitor’s software engineering organizational structure
  8. Value Chain Analysis: To analyze a competitor’s value chain, service offerings, R&D, and manufacturing processes
  9. Product Adoption Analysis: To conduct a detailed assessment of competitor’s ‘platform as a service’ offering
  10. Counter Intelligence Training: To lead a counter-intelligence training workshop to reduce risk of employee leaks in advance of a product launch

Please do not hesitate to contact us about how you can use competitive intelligence insights to aid your strategic decision-making or guidance in improving your operations (and ultimately your competitiveness) so that your company can win more business in the marketplace.

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