Open Innovation


Open Innovation

Prepare for future growth and overcome sector-specific challenges through new and innovative solutions inspired by other sectors. We help companies evolve through the scouting of ideas from academia and adjacent or associated industries.



Design and validate new actives, technologies, and packaging systems that have never been explored for the intended purpose; adoption and implementation support


Alternative Formulations

Design and validate new formulations addressing requirements pertaining to aspects such as efficiency, appeal, or ease-of-use



Scout alternate domains and conduct parallel research to identify new excipients that are disruptive and can provide a competitive and technological edge



Design superior products/formulations to address the latest consumer requirements; identify and fill market gaps with the introduction of new products


Manufacturing Processes

Design efficient and green manufacturing processes involving state-of-the-art tech while catering to all client requirements


Safety/Toxicity Profile of Chemical Compounds

Predict the safety/toxicity of new chemical compounds through semantic searches, backed by relevant literature


Sustainable Chemistry of Materials

Design probable chemistry for converting non-degradable materials to degradable materials through chemical modifications, physical environment changes, etc.


Sustainable Materials (for packaging and other applications)

Explore new materials from other sectors to identify more sustainable and efficient options

Case Studies

Enabling carbon-negative production of solvents

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Enabling carbon-negative production of solvents

Open Innovation

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