IP Intelligence


IP Intelligence

Tackle competition and stay ahead in the race for innovation with Fuld’s comprehensive intellectual property research services, covering all sectors of life sciences and engineering. We also provide critical Intellectual Property advice to support strategic decision-making.


Patent Landscape/Technology Landscape

Provide a comprehensive overview of a sector/technology/product category including insights into its evolution and overall ecosystem to help with strategizing competitive goals


State-of-the-Art Studies

Study recently patented technologies to understand status-quo and reveal saturation areas and white space opportunities


Competitor Benchmarking

Compare and evaluate the current position of an organization relative to its competitors concerning patented technology, research, innovation, and business



Ensure the absence of legal liability from third-party patent holders for developing, manufacturing, and marketing products


Claim Charts

Prepare easy-to-read and precise claim comparisons against third-party patented claims, enabling efficient patent litigation



Investigate the presence of competitors’ patented concepts in prior art to provide proof to render patents invalid



Identify key prior art that would aid in the modification of clients’ inventions to expedite patent filing and grants


Chemical Structure Searches

Prepare and execute search strategies for complicated chemical structures on patent and non-patent databases to procure key insights on novelty, validity, and more


Biological Sequence Searches

Prepare comprehensive search strategies for the execution of protein and nucleotide sequences to explore hidden prior art


Periodic Updates/Alerts

Stay ahead of the competition and formulate aggressive R&D strategies by receiving timely disruptive insights into key technology and market aspects. Our always-on team is well-equipped to provide immediate alerts and updates at any frequency as per our client’s requirements, enabling them to make informed decisions:

Technology watch Scout for comprehensive technologies, identify key technologies and provide updates on patents, literature, innovation blogs, etc.

Competitor watch Retrieve and analyze data of specific competitors to provide insights into company-specific updates regarding aspects such as technology advancements, collaborations, investments, market developments, etc.

Legal status watch Monitor the legal status and post-grant stages of patents to take advantage of key innovations to support first-to-market initiatives and new product launches

Case Studies

Identifying Cancer Research Organizations for Acquisitions and Collaboration

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Identifying Cancer Research Organizations for Acquisitions and Collaboration

Identifying drug repurposing collaboration partners

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Identifying drug repurposing collaboration partners

IP Intelligence

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