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Identifying Drug Repurposing Collaboration Partners

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A top pharma company actively working in the drug repurposing sector wanted to expand its portfolio by adding new indications to approved molecules in the market.


Drug repurposing helps pharma companies identify new therapeutic indications for the existing drug molecules that are approved by regulatory authorities for clinical use. It is an efficient approach to developing drug candidates with new pharmacological or therapeutic properties.


To provide an overview of the drug repurposing landscape and identify the best solution providers in the drug repurposing domain to collaborate with.


The following steps were taken to comprehensively gather the required data:

Extensive desk research 

  • Patent Literature Search: 1,500 patents were extracted as per the domain requirement, of which 150 were determined to be pertinent after analysis.
  • Non-Patent Literature Search: According to the requirement of the domain, 2,200 scientific research articles from various databases were extracted, of which 216 articles fell under the project scope.
  • Commercial Solutions: 69 commercial solutions were listed utilizing various resources such as Pitchbook, Owler, etc.

Benchmarking of solutions 

For benchmarking of the extracted relevant solutions, the solutions were ranked against the following KPIs:  

  • in-silico methodologies
  • multi-diseases targeting
  • solution maturity
  • market presence
  • business model, etc.

Primary Research 

  • Primary research was conducted to validate the top ten solutions identified from secondary research (through benchmarking solutions under several parameters). 

Benchmarking based on Primary Research 

We benchmarked the top solutions based on provider and user responses. The parameters included 

  • Data type
  • Wet lab validation
  • Disease scope
  • Clinical trial and partnerships


  • We helped the client identify potential partners for collaboration by providing a detailed overview of the drug repurposing landscape, along with the top solutions that were identified after primary and secondary searches


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