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Identifying the most effective prophylactic/therapeutic oral anti-inflammatory agents

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A global FMCG leader sought to expand their current oral care product range with a line of products that had prophylactic or healing effects.


The management team at a global FMCG brand wanted to introduce a new range of oral care products to the market, having a wide range of benefits including treatment or prevention of swollen gums, tooth decay, bad breath, sensitive teeth, and root infection.

The new range of products was required to meet the following conditions:

  • Not known to be used in any oral care products
  • Natural or naturally derived 
  • Sustainable synthesis 
  • Economical
  • Available for bulk procurement
  • No known safety issues


  • To identify anti-inflammatory agents to counter swollen gums/gingivitis and introduce products with healing properties and leverage natural active agents that have prophylactic and therapeutic activity. 


  • A  methodology was established to identify the required natural actives. The methodology included: 
    • literature searches
    • expert consultation
    • analysis and review
    • selection of promising agents
    • detailed analysis
    • validation
    • troubleshooting of negative aspects (in the final solutions) with efficient solutions
  • After brainstorming ten ingredients that were shortlisted through literature searches, they were subjected to a validation process to check whether they meet the required conditions set by the company. Out of approximately 50 natural actives, the following five natural actives fulfilling the client’s requirements were shortlisted
    • propolis (honey bee extract)
    • green tea extract
    • brucine + jojoba oil
    • salvadora persica extract
    • moringa oleifera + cyanthillium cinereum extract


  • The company was able to finalize the list of natural ingredients they required. Following product testing at its facility, the company found the practical results to be in sync with the report’s recommendations.
  • The company further extended this engagement to other oral indications, which also yielded successful results.


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