Financial Services

For the most part, the financial services industry has emerged from the depths of the global financial crisis, but still faces an uncertain and challenging future—heightened regulatory scrutiny, changing customer preferences and behavior, and rapidly advancing technology that will benefit some players and harm others. Fuld + Company’s financial services practice understands these issues and has helped clients differentiate in a sea of sameness, and ultimately to craft resilient growth strategies.

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Competitive + Market Intelligence

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Go-To-Market Strategy

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Corporate Strategic Planning

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Industry Focus

Areas of investigation in the following sectors include:


  • Customer retention and retail banking best practices
  • Debit card promotion rationales
  • Bank deposit marketing tactics
  • Distribution practices of lending competitors
  • Lease underwriting and pricing
  • Consumer lending market entry


  • Online spending analysis
  • Premium card product assessments
  • Corporate payment systems monitoring
  • Pre-paid card market assessments
  • Pension disbursements
  • Affinity card partner satisfaction

Capital Markets / Investments:

  • Institutional small-cap value funds
  • Retail investment landscapes
  • Margin lending offerings
  • Targeted investment offerings
  • Mutual fund call center cost benchmarking
  • Marketing and alliance strategies
  • Online brokerage landscapes
  • Financial planning mystery shopping
  • Brokerage firm cost benchmarking
  • 403(b) Market Share by Segment
  • Defined Contribution/401(k) Competitor Profiles


  • Insurance claims processing
  • Medical malpractice insurance
  • Acquisition / due diligence
  • Direct response advertising
  • Annuity company deep dives
  • Small business strategy analysis

Our Financial Services Team

Our financial services practice has helped global clients with a variety of competitive issues, from distribution and pricing quandaries, to new business development opportunities, to managing broad strategic marketplace shifts. Our consultants and researchers understand the subtle forces that shape and move this industry, on both the institutional and consumer sides of the industry.

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"I knew that with CI being so new here, I'd need to go with Fuld + Company. You guys are like the IBM of competitive intelligence: nobody's ever going to get fired for hiring you."

-Vice President of Marketing, at a Top 10 US bank