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Professional Pricing Society Conference Spring 2016  

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Ken Sawka speaking at
Professional Pricing Society Conference

The Rise of Mobile Healthcare Payments

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The Rise of Mobile Healthcare Payments

Leonard Fuld in Harvard Business Review

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Leonard Fuld in HBR: Only Half of Companies Actually Use the Competitive Intelligence They Collect 

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Fuld + Company solves business challenges across multiple industry sectors.

Enter a New Market Knowing Competitor Value Propositions

Thwart Competitors with Multi-Brand Strategy

Resolve Complex Pricing Disadvantages

Analyze and Prioritize Growth Opportunities

Adapt to a New Competitive Landscape

Find Out Whether Cost Is Losing You Deals ;

Implement Cost-Competitive Manufacturing Processes

Identify Growth Opportunities in Emerging Markets

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As competitive strategy and intelligence pioneers, browse our vast library of research, white papers + more.

Navigating Risks in Emerging Economies

Health Care Convergence




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Fuld + Co. in Harvard Business Review
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Fuld + Company is a full service research and advisory firm specializing in competitive insights, strategy support, and many other facets surrounding critical business decisions. Our team looks forward to hearing from you and helping you with all your competitive intelligence and consulting needs across your company - from C-Suite to product management operations and sales.

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