Newsletter – September 2023

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As innovation continues to be a central pillar for Fuld and our clients, this month we focus on ways it is being applied to drive growth.

Don’t miss our upcoming webinar featuring industry experts who will share and debate how AI is revolutionizing deal sourcing, evaluation, management, and exit strategies in PE firms and Investment Banks. You can also unlock your competitive edge with Fuld’s Battle Cards, strategic tools crafted from market, competitor, and internal insights to create powerful assets for your organization.  Finally, we explore sustainable innovation within the polymer industry, sharing a case study on how we shaved 1.5 years off a client’s R&D process, reduced their carbon footprint and drove new business opportunities.


Decoding the role of AI in Private Equity deals

What is the emerging role of AI at PE firms and Investment Banks? How is it changing the way they source, evaluate, manage, and exit deals? Join our guests Andrew Dickow at Greenwich Capital Group LLC, Mark Gartner at RLH Equity Partners, and John Svolos at SkyBridge Capital on Wednesday 13 September at 10AM ET as they share and debate how they see AI impacting their industry.

September 13 | 10AM ET

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Unlock your competitive edge with battle-tested Battle Cards

Battle cards

If your Battle Cards are based solely on publicly available information or AI, then your sales team is missing a critical opportunity to be ahead of their competitors. Fuld’s innovative approach to Battle Cards goes beyond what everyone else already knows by mining and adding your organization’s own collective intel and our expertise. Find out how our workshops produce winning Battle Cards that include the level of market, competitor, and internal insights that puts your sales team in the lead. Read more…

Sustainable innovation in the polymer industry

Sustainable Innovation for polymer industry

Fuld partnered with a leading industrial polymer manufacturer to deliver sustainable innovation, reduce waste, and shave 1.5 years off their R&D timeline. This not only streamlined operations but also drove positive environmental change while opening avenues of new business.  Read the case study…

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