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Sustainable innovation in the polymer industry

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Delivering sustainable innovation

How we helped a leading industrial polymer manufacturer cut 1.5 years off its R&D timeline… and win new business

A leading industrial polymer manufacturer sought to reduce costs and minimize its environmental impact by improving its waste management processes.


The company was facing several challenges that prompted them to turn to Fuld & Co for solutions:

  • Excessive Expenditure on Waste Management: The company was faced with substantial costs associated with managing end-of-life products and industrial waste, impacting their profitability.
  • Lack of Turnkey Solutions: Ready-made solutions for waste valorization were limited, leaving the client without any clear options to address this issue.
  • Sustainability Initiative Shortfalls: The client’s sustainability goals were inadequately supported by their existing initiatives, necessitating a transformative approach.


Fuld & Co’s team delivered the following outcomes for the company:

  • Innovative Industrial Design: A pioneering industrial design for the conversion of end-of-life plastic waste into ethanol.
  • Comprehensive Design Specifications: Detailed specifications for the entire scheme to implement at the company’s facility, ensuring a seamless transition to the new waste valorization process.
  • Robust Techno-Economic Model: A sophisticated techno-economic model incorporating capital expenditure (CAPEX), operational expenditure (OPEX), and a precise breakeven point analysis for the ethanol production process.
  • Strategic Ethanol Marketing Model: A strategic model for marketing of ethanol as a valuable commodity, identifying avenues for maximum revenue generation.


  • Environmental Stewardship: Fuld & Co’s innovative approach substantially reduced the client’s carbon footprint, aligning them with their sustainability targets.
  • Accelerated R&D: The proposed ethanol generation process slashed approximately 1.5 years from the client’s R&D timeline, enhancing their operational efficiency and time-to-market for innovative solutions.
  • Business Expansion: The successful pilot study paved the way for the client to secure multiple projects in the realm of waste valorization, solidifying their position as a leader in sustainable solutions.



Waste valorization, which involves the transformation of waste materials into valuable products such as materials, chemicals, fuels, or energy sources, became a catalyst for the client’s growth, sustainability, and competitive advantage. Fuld & Co’s expertise not only streamlined operations but also drove positive environmental change while opening new avenues for business expansion.

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