Newsletter – October 2023

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This month, we’re focusing on the transformation shaping our future, with change and innovation at the helm.

Discover how AI is amplifying human capabilities in the Private Equity world, navigating its ever-evolving landscape. Unravel the complexities of Shell’s recent shifts in its energy transition strategy, sparking industry-wide discussions. Plus, our Technology & Innovation Research team highlights innovative CO2 reduction strategies, spotlighting initiatives by global frontrunners.

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Can AI drive profits for Private Equity dealmakers?

AI in Private Equity

AI is transforming the private equity deal lifecycle, from document review to data analysis. Understanding its potential and limitations is crucial for navigating this evolving landscape and making informed decisions, but can it replace human intuition, creativity, and personal interaction?

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Shell rethinks its energy transition plan

Shell rethinks its energy transition plan

Is internal turbulence and investor pressure causing Shell to reconsider its energy transition strategy? Recently, Shell scaled back its net-zero targets, divested from several of its Electric Vehicle Charging (EVC) projects, and withdrew from its goal to double its electricity production by 2030. Will these changes impact its long-term commitment to renewable power generation and low-carbon fuels?

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Net Zero – How global leaders are curbing carbon emissions

How global leaders are curbing carbon emissions

How are companies across sectors reducing their CO2 footprint? Analysts from Fuld’s Technology and Innovation Research practice provide an overview of how global leaders such as Toyota, Google, and DuPont are implementing renewable energy, circular economy, renewable raw materials, and other emissions reduction strategies to achieve their CO2 goals.

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