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A War Game approach to competitive strategy

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A leader in oncology was planning to launch a new technology platform into the US and EU markets, and wanted to understand the potential reactions of its key competitors.


Some of the company’s competitors were developing similar technologies, while others had successful, older technologies already present in the market. The company sought to gain insights into how these competitors would react to the introduction of its new technology platform in a limited number of key oncology indications.


Fuld facilitated a two-day War Game workshop to stress test the competitive market situation across the different scenarios, and to understand possible outcomes.​

The War Game workshop involved the following key activities:

  • Forty cross-functional experts from the company’s sales and marketing, regulatory, managed markets and management teams were brought together.
  • Participants were divided into five teams, representing the client (the home team), along with both existing and emerging technology competitors.
  • Over the two-day War Game, the participants, guided by Fuld, identified the key strategic issues likely to be faced by the client upon launching their new platform into the market.


The War Game successfully helped the company consider different strategic responses across the oncology indications included in the workshop in both the US and EU. The US workshop formulated a series of short-term actions tailored for the US launch, and this approach was replicated at a subsequent workshop in Europe. The analysis was further extended to launches in other geographical regions. The EU workshops identified and prioritized next steps, outlining the necessary actions for the client before the launch. This included addressing considerations such as pricing and dosing issues in different countries.

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