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Growing Market Share for a PC Maker’s Potentially Lucrative Product Line

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A leading PC maker saw an opportunity to increase its share of the $1 billion global market for peripherals – including everything from carrying cases to storage devices to new products emerging around tablets and mobile phones.


Facing weak demand in the PC market, the company was looking for avenues of potential growth. Seeing other vendors prospering in the peripherals market, they realized that they might be leaving significant money on the table by failing to expand their peripherals line and aggressively pursue additional customers outside the enterprise segment.


A quantitative study of the global market had demonstrated the substantial size of the opportunity. But the company lacked a qualitative understanding – what sells in what channels and why, what distributors want and expect from vendors, and how to succeed with specific customer segments, especially small-to-medium businesses (SMBs). Without that knowledge the business unit would be unable to make the business case for proceeding or to prioritize investments and confidently devise a pilot program to test strategy.

Result + Benefits

Through primary qualitative research, including 100 in-depth interviews in major and emerging markets around the world, Fuld & Company was able to:

  • Identify the trends and drivers in those geographical markets and top market opportunity areas for peripheral extensions
  • Determine how the company’s value proposition was viewed by different channel segments and the unique needs of each, including end users, DRCs, and distributors
  • Understand the behavior and expectations of different customer segments, including consumers, SMBs, and enterprise customers
  • Make actionable recommendations – by geographical markets, channels, and customer segments – about products, pricing and promotions, packaging, sales training, sales incentives, and distributor partnerships

As a result, they were able to align high market opportunity areas for increased market focus to support top line growth. Armed with an understanding of the dynamics of customer segments, routes to market, new top growth peripheral categories, and channel perspectives, they were able – with additional assistance from Fuld – to launch a pilot project with top-tier distributors.

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