What is your strategic challenge?

Are your competitive or local? New entrants or new threats? Today's challenges or tomorrow's opportunities?



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Competitive Intelligence + Market Intelligence

Fuld insights bring your entire competitive landscape into focus. The result? Fewer blindspots, better competitor awareness, and a business strategy that allows you to make more timely, informed decisions.

Competitive intelligence ranges from understanding your competitor's operations to analysis of the supply chain to anticipating the behavior of your customers, your rivals, and other players in the market. While market intelligence provides the analysis you need to address business issues - ranging from tactical market monitoring, assessing customer needs, behaviors and decision processes to identification and assessment of new growth opportunities.

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Go-To-Market Strategy

Entering or further penetrating a market demands you have a strategic and tactical plan in place. It also means you need to understand your rival’s plans. Who will they target? What will the product portfolio look like for target customers? How much will they charge? How and where will they promote particular products to particular customers?

The results of such studies are powerful. You can learn about a rival’s value proposition and differentiators, sales and marketing methods, pricing structure, or even secondary details on the rival’s service, warehousing capacity, and utilization.

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Corporate Strategic Planning

If strategic planning is a way for companies to define and shape their future, then management needs to prepare for current and future market actions.

You know the future is unpredictable, that tomorrow's compeititve challenges can result in multiple outcomes for your business, and that your strategic plans must take everything into account. Let us provide you with a road-tested solution to prepare you for future uncertainty. Our scenario planning takes a broader, more realistic approach that assesses today's marketplace, considers tomorrow's, and prepares you for both.

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What clients have to say

"[Fuld's] ability to creatively have executives think about new ways to take on competitive challenges and identify opportunities has been a real asset."

-Todd Abraham, Senior Vice President of R&D at Mondelez International (formerly Kraft Foods)

"Fuld delivers analysis, insights and recommendations that are relevant, along with the expertise, trust and professionalism we look for."

-Sabih Bekhouche, Director of Global Integrated Insights at Novartis

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