Information Technology

The dynamic landscape of IT, goes beyond horizontal competition as information technology becomes fundamental to all industries. Let us help you compete, differentiate, and capture your targets.

Competitive Advantage through Deep Learning

Whether you realize it or not, chances are that you have interacted with one or more deep learning algorithms within the last few hours.

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The Power of Patent Intelligence

Resourceful companies are using Intellectual Property analytics to formulate better business strategies.

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Top Ten Trends in Healthcare Technology

How technological innovation is changing the landscape of healthcare.

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The Future of the Connected Car Industry

The recent launch of Tesla’s mass-market vehicle, the Model 3, has people wondering what the connected car landscape will look like in the future.

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What Amazon’s Acquisition of Whole Foods Says About Competitive Strategy

There are countless ways to look at Amazon’s takeover of Whole Foods, but for competitive strategists, there’s one question to ask: how does this deal affect the competitive intensity in my industry?

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Top Ten Hotel Technology Trends to Watch

Hotels are exploring innovative technologies to better serve guests throughout their stay, to remain competitive and persist as top of mind with consumers. .

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Growing Market Share for a PC Makers Potentially Lucrative Product Line

A leading PC maker saw an opportunity to increase its share of the $1 billion global market for peripherals.

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How to Stay Ahead of Product and Go-To-Market Innovations in the Mobile Technology Industry

A mobile technology company that offers real-time interoperability (RTI) solutions for otherwise incompatible mobile platforms and mobile networks faced growing threats from competitors.

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