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Stealth Fighters, Cargo Helicopters, and Client Relationship Management

The development and delivery of every product or service risks experiencing problems, from a delivery driver taking a wrong turn to fighter pilots getting sick while flying advanced aircraft.

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A Mixed Blessing for the Commercial Aircraft Industry - New Entrants

Is the successful commercialization of a turbo-fan powered commercial aircraft manufactured outside North America or Europe on the horizon? Thanks to a slate of new designs expected to become operational over the next 5 years this may change– a blessing to some, a curse to others.

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Stealth Fighters, Cargo Helicopters, and Client Relationship Management Pt. 2: Managing Perceptions and Expectations

Lockheed Martin must contend with how its various programs are in fact perceived by customers and other stakeholders.

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Social Media Has Changed the Trajectory of Corporate Scandals

In 2008, a company called ArmorSource, operating under a $30M contract with the Army, delivered several thousand helmets that were found to be defective, so why was there a rash of unflattering stories and social sharing in August 2016?

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