Competitive Market Analysis

Clarifying your company’s competitive advantage in a dynamic market place.

Surprising Competitor Intelligence Enables a Strategic Response from an Agribusiness Company

A manufacturer of widely used agricultural products believed that it had an opportunity to take market share from a bigger competitor who had made some serious missteps.

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A Financial Services Leader Learns How Best to Compete in a Key B2B Payments Vertical

With the rise of electronic payment options, a leading global financial services company wanted to understand how its solutions stacked up against competitors.

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Monitoring the Highly Complex Global Hospitality Market to Seize Tactical and Strategic Opportunities

A global hospitality company was facing an increasingly fragmented market with new entrants as well as established competitors with many different brands.

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A Global Packaging Company Tests Itself Against a Surprisingly Tough Local Competitor

A global leader in packaging was surprised to learn that a regional company in Western Europe was much better than previously thought and well positioned to move onto a bigger stages.

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Competitive Assessment in Demand Management Software for Hotels

A leader in the travel distribution and information industry was concerned that its market intelligence solution was losing market share to an aggressive competitor. .

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A Food Company Mobilizes to Fend Off a Major Threat to its Core Business

A leading food company that dominated a specific product category it supplied to commercial markets in North American suddenly found itself losing market share to a recent European entrant.

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How to Stay Ahead of Product and Go-To-Market Innovations in the Mobile Technology Industry

A mobile technology company that offers real-time interoperability solutions for otherwise incompatible mobile networks faced growing threats from competitors.

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