Newsletter – December 2023

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Greenwashing in the energy sector

This month we highlight Tesla’s latest successes in its renewable energy businesses, its increasing profitability, and its strategic expansion in Australia, tapping into the thriving solar market and establishing dominance in large-scale storage systems and Virtual Power Plants.

We also uncover the intricate world of greenwashing in the energy sector as we look at the authenticity of ecolabels in the push towards global clean energy, and how governments are responding.

Aditionally, discover how a War Gaming workshop helped a leading food & nutrition company strategically realign following a competitor’s M&A deal.

And finally, as we reach the year we would like to wish you a very happy festive season filled with warmth and joy, and a prosperous 2024!

Tesla’s success on the renewable energy front lines


Tesla Energy continues to go from strength to strength as Q3 gross profits from battery sales rise to 24%, from 18% in Q2 2023, and 10% in 2022, surpassing Tesla Auto’s percentage profitability. Tesla is also strategically expanding its influence in Australia, capitalizing on the booming solar market and establishing a presence in large-scale storage systems and Virtual Power Plants.

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Tackling greenwashing in the energy industry


As the global push for clean energy intensifies, we unravel the authenticity of ecolabels and the challenges faced by major players. Explore how government scrutiny and standardization efforts may reshape the industry’s commitment to genuine environmental responsibility.

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Delivering strategic realignment through War Games

Food & Nutrition war game


Fuld recently ran a War Game workshop to help a leading food and nutrition company develop a strategic response to their competitor’s significant M&A deal. The results of the 2-day workshop included a rebranding exercise and the launch of a new product range, strategically implemented to mitigate the potential impact on their market share.

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