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Exploring the Impact of COVID-19 on Strategy, Insights and Intelligence Professionals

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Fuld + Company surveyed Strategy, Insights, and Intelligence (SI&I) professionals to better understand how the Covid-19 pandemic and associated economic impacts have affected their role and responsibilities and how they have adapted to serve the potentially newly defined needs of their stakeholders.

Our survey was designed to gauge SI&I professionals’ perception of their preparedness to respond to the disruption caused by the pandemic, the impact on their workflows and resources, and whether management expectations and priorities for SI&I teams have shifted.

Fuld + Company has considered the survey responses, feedback from our clients, and the perspective of our partner, SCIP, in the development of this report. Key findings discussed in the report include:



  1. Although the work of SI&I professionals has become higher profile, they must accomplish this work with fewer resources than were available pre-pandemic.
  2. Since the onset of the pandemic, organizations have defined new needs and set new priorities and SI&I professionals have to be flexible and adjust their focus and outputs accordingly.
  3. While SI&I professions feel the shift to remote operations has not had an adverse impact on their effectiveness, we anticipate challenges over the longer term

SI&I professionals are facing a new imperative to be creative and innovative.

Download the report to understand how this pandemic is affecting your peers across industries and how you may approach re-examining and re-aligning your function to appropriately adapt to the new market demands and continue to add value to your business.

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